Looking at Xbox One Game Reviews

Hello folks! If you can't tell by the post name I am Michael from the podcast. Having been a member since episode 7 or so we've chatted about the Xbox One at great length. Now with the box set to be available only 11 hours from time of writing this I can only feel a great weight being lifted. Months of typing explanations, seeing Xbone til my eyes bleed (I want to smack myself for even typing that), and countless "scandals" that got equated to the resignation of a president. We all finally get to wrap our paws around years of research and more R&D than I even want to think about. And yet I must stay my excitement. I'm not getting a launch system, probably won't own one for months/years and probably won't even use one for a long time period than I want to think about. And considering the sleepless nights, the fear of seeing the system that I saw so much cool shit be created just for consumers, fail, really puts it all in perspective. 

Xbox One Area One Impressions by DSight


"Last week our friend Killer Rin provided a nice write up on the Xbox One Truck Tour and this week our other good friend DSight, who was on Episode 7: Earbuds and HDMIs of XVox, has gone to a private event in Toronto called "Area One" and has brought with him written impressions, pictures and video.  Make sure if you have any questions regarding the impressions or of the event to leave them on the bottom of this article." - Xbox Uncut


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Xbox One Tour Truck Impressions by Killer Rin


Our friend Andrew otherwise known as Killer Rin went to the Xbox One truck tour and has come back with pictures, video and a written impression on what he though about the console, controller and games at the event.   Before continuing into his impressions below you can also check out his impressions on our podcast (Episode 14: Halo's Destiny) at 53 minutes for a little more of what he thought once he made it back from the event.  Without further wait, take it away Andrew.


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21 New Cars Announced For Forza Motorsport 5!


"As reported earlier Turn 10 has started their Forza Motorsport 5 Showroom today to show off new cars every Wednesday that will be in Forza Motorsport 5.  This weeks car list includes a huge variety of different cars including SUVs, Hatchbacks, Supercars and Muscle cars.  They've also included a list of all cars revealed so far up until now which of course includes 70's F1 cars and new Indy cars.  Check out the list yourself and see what kind of awesome rides you'll be driving this November and also make sure to check out the two beautiful in-game pictures of a EVO X GSR and a GT-R R34 V-Spec II." - XboxUncut


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Forza Motorsport 5 Showroom Coming Soon!


"Turn 10 has announced that "a lot" more details are coming for Forza Motorsport 5 with the introduction of The Forza Motorsport 5 Showroom on Forza Motorsport.net.  Beginning on Wednesday, September 25th, you'll be able to go to ForzaMotorsport.net and check out a collection of cars that will be in Forza Motorsport 5.  This will continue every Wednesday until they complete the entire car list in November, they will also release more information about the car lineup on Twitter and Facebook so keep your eyes open and your engines revving! - XboxUncut


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Xbox Live Gold Family Packs Being Converted to Individual Memberships

In the wake of the news today of Xbox One’s new Xbox One Home Gold accounts Microsoft has released a e-mail to Xbox Live gold family accounts that they will be terminating all currently running Gold Family Packs on August 27th. The information makes sense considering the new policy changes but this is a blow towards Family Pack owners that wanted to stay on Xbox 360 who will not be able to take advantage of the new Home Gold accounts.
— XboxUncut

RUMOR: 70% Likelihood of 12 GB of RAM on Xbox One (Update: 8GB of RAM Confirmed)

Update: Albert Penello on Twitter has confirmed that the Xbox One will not be getting 12 GB of RAM and sadly it was never guaranteed to begin with as the original story only cited a 70% chance.

Almost a month ago we broke the story about rumors dealing with a GPU upclock and an additional 4GB of RAM to the Xbox One. The GPU upclock was made public late last week in the latest Major Nelson podcast and since then there have been rumblings on multiple sites about the possibility or lack thereof of the 12GB RAM upgrade.

We have been in contact with several people and there are a few updates on this rumor to be addressed. Keep in mind that these are anonymous sources, but the information that was given comes from a reliable source.
— Sean

Top 10 Apps That Should Be Made For The Xbox One, A Note To Developers

With the news that Xbox One apps will be so similar to developing Windows apps that even Microsoft themselves said that if you want to practice in making Xbox Apps that you should just develop Windows apps. This gives the strong message that we might see some very cool and varied apps coming to the Xbox One in time. On top of this news comes the news of the restructure and how the Xbox OS and store will now be under the same branch of Microsoft as Windows Phone and Windows 8 OS and store. In Ballmer’s memo about the restructuring he specifically outlines how Microsoft’s devices and services will become more unified over time and surely this includes their stores and OSes. As of now we know that Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 use the same core to their operating systems. This is not only a article for users but a letter to developers, I hope you like my ideas.
— XboxUncut

Dead Rising 3 Allows You To Push Zombies Off With Kinect

Josh Bridge, the executive producer of Dead Rising 3, confirmed in an interview that Kinect will allow players to physically push zombies off of them in the game by pushing the controller away. This shows that game makers are starting to discover cool new ways to integrate the Kinect into core games, while enhancing gamer’s immersion experience through an increasingly realistic virtual world. This goes along with the news that loud noises in the background will attract zombies in the game. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of Kinect integration in Dead Rising 3.
— XboxUncut

Rest In Peace Ryan Davis, You Will Be Remembered

I honestly thought this was some kind of dumb joke when I first found this on Reddit. However, when I clicked through to find the article on Giant Bomb itself, chills went down my spine.
As an avid listener and watcher of Giant Bomb content, just yesterday I was watching Ryan, Jeff and Brad Miur play Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I told my brother how Ryan was such a funny and charismatic guy and that I had missed him the past week in the videos and show.
— XboxUncut

Why Would I Even Want A Kinect?

I’m sure many people have been asking themselves this question since we discovered that the Xbox One will be coming with a Kinect and also since this addition is the main cause for the price difference between the Xbox One and the PS4. So, after the original Kinect that didn’t do much for the core game, why should players even want this new Kinect? The new Kinect is indeed important and should definitely be bundled with every Xbox for the following reasons.
— XboxUncut