Looking at Xbox One Game Reviews

Hello folks! If you can't tell by the post name I am Michael from the podcast. Having been a member since episode 7 or so we've chatted about the Xbox One at great length. Now with the box set to be available only 11 hours from time of writing this I can only feel a great weight being lifted. Months of typing explanations, seeing Xbone til my eyes bleed (I want to smack myself for even typing that), and countless "scandals" that got equated to the resignation of a president. We all finally get to wrap our paws around years of research and more R&D than I even want to think about. And yet I must stay my excitement. I'm not getting a launch system, probably won't own one for months/years and probably won't even use one for a long time period than I want to think about. And considering the sleepless nights, the fear of seeing the system that I saw so much cool shit be created just for consumers, fail, really puts it all in perspective. 

Dead Rising 3 Allows You To Push Zombies Off With Kinect

Josh Bridge, the executive producer of Dead Rising 3, confirmed in an interview that Kinect will allow players to physically push zombies off of them in the game by pushing the controller away. This shows that game makers are starting to discover cool new ways to integrate the Kinect into core games, while enhancing gamer’s immersion experience through an increasingly realistic virtual world. This goes along with the news that loud noises in the background will attract zombies in the game. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of Kinect integration in Dead Rising 3.
— XboxUncut