Join Our Podcast!

Do you commonly feel as if you have a unheard and unique opinion and would like to get it out?  Well we welcome you to guest on our podcast any week all you need to do is contact us by e-mail, Skype, Steam or Xbox Live. 

What do I need?

The only thing we require is that you have a good microphone and Skype, we don't require a webcam but prefer it if possible. 


What do I need to Know?

We do prefer people with knowledge on Xbox One and Xbox One games to be on the podcast but we also welcome those that are new to the gaming culture so we can get a often unheard of side on gaming news and culture.

When do you record?

We normally record on Friday at around 8 PM EST and this can last up to two hours in length.  We also are known to delay until Saturday depending on scheduling conflicts with our real lives and jobs.

What's it cost?

Nothing!  Every program we use for recording is free and all our hosting is paid by us so we do not expect participants or guests to the podcast to chip in anything!

Who do I contact?!

Check out our contact page for all the information you need to contact us by clicking on this sentence!