As rumors continue to grow concerning changes in the final specs for the Xbox One,  a member on the website Beyond3D speculates that Microsoft is actually asking developers about an increased GPU upclock and a increase in total DDR3 RAM to 12GB.

“Plus, I did say it was a rumour so neither the upclock or RAM increase are confirmed.
And it’s not just that the veracity of the rumour isn’t confirmed, but that the rumour itself does not claim MS are definitely increasing the clocks or RAM.

Apparently, the story apparently is that MS has gone to devs for feedback on a few different things, two of them being an increased GPU clock and an increase to 12 GB of RAM (another thing on the list was storage for ‘tombstoning’ - I’m guessing flash cache)

Devs have to list which spec changes they prefer in order of importance. So nothing is confirmed as of yet, just options MS is getting feedback on.

However, I do have someone else telling me (also from a dev source) that we shouldn’t be surprised to see 12GB of RAM in the final box and that it isn’t as hard for MS to do as we think.”
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     This is not the only rumblings that the final hardware specs are still up in the air for the Xbox One apparently Engadget was able to get a inside look at Xbox One development a few days before the Xbox reveal which is around the same time beta devkits were sent out.  In the picture above you'll notice many variations of hardware design leading to the idea that these might also contain different variations on internals that are still being tested even days before the reveal.

“The chamber is full of hundreds of variations of prototype Xbox hardware — today, it’s set to very cold — and is vital in determining how the Xbox One stands up to extreme thermal conditions. With laughs all around, he’s freed from the icy, zebra-filled prison. Surprising no one, the various beta kits of the console itself, the controller and the new Kinect all sport zebra-pattern tape to hide their shape (as rumored).”

     It is all still speculation but the fact that we are getting information from good sources that the final specs of this device are still up in the air is a good sign that we still know little about what will ultimatley end up being inside our Xbox One's at launch. 

     As of right now current Xbox One devkits are running with 12 GB of RAM and the reason for the idea behind a upclock is that the Xbox One is running cooler or using less power than was planned and they can now allow for a stable upclock.  This is only speculation on why this rumor could end up being true and backing up what the insider sources have said, as a reminder the Xbox 360 originally was being built with 256 MB of RAM but late in the development Microsoft decided to use the 512 MB of RAM from devkits.



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Hello folks! If you can't tell by the post name I am Michael from the podcast. Having been a member since episode 7 or so we've chatted about the Xbox One at great length. Now with the box set to be available only 11 hours from time of writing this I can only feel a great weight being lifted. Months of typing explanations, seeing Xbone til my eyes bleed (I want to smack myself for even typing that), and countless "scandals" that got equated to the resignation of a president. We all finally get to wrap our paws around years of research and more R&D than I even want to think about. And yet I must stay my excitement. I'm not getting a launch system, probably won't own one for months/years and probably won't even use one for a long time period than I want to think about. And considering the sleepless nights, the fear of seeing the system that I saw so much cool shit be created just for consumers, fail, really puts it all in perspective. 


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