The World Gets a Little Bit Twitchier

It's official folks! The Twitch integration we expected at launch is finally due to come to every Xbox One on March 11th. Oddly enough the same day as Titanfall, hmm methinks I said that in a podcast waaaay back when they delayed Twitch in the first place. 

All stroking my ego aside this is stupidly good news. 20 percent of broadcasts late last year were from integrated PS4 stream, mainly because if you have a capture card, good luck actually getting anything out of you PS4. But as a result the amount of XB1 streams were limited to folks who had a card. That's not like its stopped people from streaming. My main source of Killer Instinct consumption has been either live streamed or Twitch archives. 


So what does this mean for folks who don't have a card? Oddly enough this is one hell of a double edged sword. What happens when you give any and everyone a chance to get themselves out there. You FLOOD the marketThis means loads of potential content creators but with dozens of streamers playing a game who does the viewer choose? Ultimately if 100 people suddenly gain a 500+ following then we see loads of potential. This only comes true if botthe streamer and the viewer stick together. 

It seems like people will be able to use the archive footage, which is fantastic. But the main problem of most integrated streaming is that it's a crutch. If you want to grow a fanbase, you need to be able to take your gameplay and serve it up beyond Twitch. Certainly progamers for StarcraftDotA, or League can hold their own on subs and adds. But most folks trying to make a name need a more permanent source of income, and a place to keep it beyond Twitch.  


Twitch is huge right now, and seeing it be embraced so heavily speaks volumes for the future. If every station at a Killer Instinct tournament could broadcast every match, then you would never miss your favorite player. It hope developers also take advantage of the rise of twitch. We know the Xbox team has, as they stream games currently in development daily.  

Do I think this a truly deciding factor in the competition of Sony Vs. Xbox, no not now. But livestreaming came into vogue just a few years ago. Who's to say where we'll be in just a few more years. 

Regardless make sure to check out twitch streams whether on your console, computer, or phone. Come March 11th you'll have no excuse not to. 

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