Top 10 Apps That Should Be Made For The Xbox One, A Note To Developers


With the news that Xbox One apps will be so similar to developing Windows apps that even Microsoft themselves said that if you want to practice in making Xbox Apps that you should just develop Windows apps.  This gives the strong message that we might see some very cool and varied apps coming to the Xbox One in time.  On top of this news comes the news of the restructure and how the Xbox OS and store will now be under the same branch of Microsoft as Windows Phone and Windows 8 OS and store.  In Ballmer's memo about the restructuring he specifically outlines how Microsoft's devices and services will become more unified over time and surely this includes their stores and OSes.  As of now we know that Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 use the same core to their operating systems.  This is not only a article for users but a letter to developers, I hope you like my ideas.

The existence of the below suggestion for apps really depend on how much freedom Microsoft allows for developers on the Xbox One.  We can only hope that Microsoft sees the advantages for allowing a open platform for apps that can allow for the creativity of developers to flourish.

10) E-mail App

I know what you're say, why the hell would anyone need a e-mail app on a console?  Well hear me out here, I think this would be a very important inclusion for one very big reason which is the absurd amount of 2+ step verifications we're forced to endure just to enjoy content we own.  This way when people are forced to get a code from their e-mail or follow a link to change a password it can be done now without have to run to a computer or fiddle with the small screen on your phone.

With the Xbox One's ability to keep apps and games in a frozen state it could make this process much easier and faster and even more so if this app allowed for snapping and please remember to include notifications on this app also.

9) Dynamic Snapping TV Guide App

To help solve a problem I can see coming with the clash of gaming and TV watching is how exactly am I going to keep track of when my favorite TV show comes on?  Well here is a solution build a TV app that is built to be snapped (make full screen mode a settings page.) and when snapped shows a dynamically progressive timeline of when specifically chosen TV apps are coming on.  Also allow for manual additions of timeline items so we can even add a dynamic timer for even things like when I need to be at work so I'm not constantly checking the clock when playing my games before running to work.

8) TV Show Schedule App

This is similar to the above app but this app can be made specifically for notifications and could keep track of episodes you've missed or just need to catch up on watching.  It would also be great if the App could have some integration with the media apps on the Xbox One so no matter where I watch the tv show on the console the app can automatically see it and cross it off as watched.  Also make the app cross platform for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 so we can be notified on multiple devices at home or out of the house.  On the PC and WP8 version allow for us to click a option that will automatically change the Xbox to the channel to the movie or tv show that is coming on.  Also allow for those with a DVR to start recording our shows remotely by telling the Xbox to tell the DVR to record.

7) Fitness Tracking App

This one is pretty obvious which is a app that can take readings and accept user-inputted data to track a users health.  This could even include communities that would allow us to compete with others and could track any Kinect games we've been active in.  The ability to read heart rates could come in very good use in a app such as this.  Calorie counting would also become less of a chore when the app can sit in the background and actually watch you move around in actual fitness games and keep a tally of total calories burned in the app itself.

There are definitely a ton of great ideas for a fitness app but we need to know more about the Kinect and the freedom of these apps to express further on these ideas.

6) Podcast/Audio-Book Snapping App

Podcast's are becoming really big and a podcast snapping app is just obvious for the gaming community.  Allow the usual features like manually adding podcasts but include voice controls that allow us to pause, play and change podcasts quickly and without much work.  To expand further on the idea allow for Video podcasts also that work in snapping mode.

Another great addition would be a Audio book app that could play your favorite audiobooks while you enjoy a game of Halo or just racing around a track in Forza.  Audible support would be the greatest and the ability to stream audio-books from PC or just pick them up on the console HDD itself.

5) Third Party Media Streaming Apps

This is something that has been done for years on PCs and even consoles but my idea is a little different.  Bring the features we are used to with streaming media from our PCs to our consoles but bring us a cross-platform experience.  Let me share my pictures, videos and music between my phone, tablet, PC and Xbox at the same time.  Push it even further and allow us to stream media from the Xbox to other devices including our PCs and create a media server from the Xbox One.

I hope we see companies behind streaming services such as Orb working on apps like this for us to take advantage of our media on all our devices.  This will also give us a third party option if the first party option doesn't work for everyone.

4) File Manager App

This is something most people would scratch their head on but it's something that has shown to be very useful on phones and tablets.  Allowing users to see exactly what is on their devices so they can delete, copy and move non-DRM protected items.  It would also be nice to be able to copy and paste or move items between external drives and the main drive.  The most important part of a app like this is for it to have a very user friendly UI and a easy to navigate the folder systems.

3) Teamspeak/Ventrilo Snapping App

I'm a huge proponent for Ventrilo and Teamspeak as skype can only serve clans and gaming groups so far.  A Ventrilo or Teamspeak App would allow us to buy private servers for our own groups and allow us to create our own channels with higher quality audio and with over 100 people.  This is something I'm really hoping to see and something I hope Microsoft gives developers the freedom to create.  Include on to this a tablet app that would allow you to change settings remotely, without having to fiddle with the actual app setting on the Xbox, in real time including the ability to create channels and passwords on those channels.

2) Defragmentation App

The ability to defragment is going to become very important in the future where games are going to be giant and updated dynamically and very often.  Preferably this app would allow you to setup a daily time for a defragmentation of both the internal and external drive connected to the device.  For us gamers this would mean faster launching games and apps, maybe even allow the Xbox One to load levels faster as the HDD will have a easier time finding the the data it needs.

1) Just For Xbox Social App

This would be great for allowing people to make new friends on the Xbox One ecosystem.  Allow us to connect with others based on the times they play and the games they play.  Also allow us to make profiles with information we want to be visible for those looking for friends.  Make it easy for groups that can recruit others for gaming groups that have nightly games and tournaments.  This kind of app could be huge for whoever claims it first and hopefully it will not take long to see a great app for helping us in the community find like-minded friends.

I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you see what I was reaching for in my suggestions.  To developers, keep up the good work and I hope Microsoft treats you well on the Xbox One platform and remember that the Xbox community will always have your back for support of your great apps.  Keep tuned for more articles like this one in the future and please leave your comments on our forum and enjoy our website.


Reddit Suggestions:

DROPTECH: Plex app, XBMC app.

VagrantWade: Teamviewer

Craer: Home Automation app.  Allow you to control your lights (z-wave, hue, insteon, zigbee) through the kinect would be awesome.

Jabronez: VLC would be nice too.

EmperorsHeresy: Firefox and/or Chrome with Flash support, so i can use the browser to watch like Youtube videos without having to use the app

Duckswtfpwn: OMG I already have one installed and being able to use my voice through Kinect 2 would be so amazing. "Xbox; Temperature 72." So epic. NEED.

El_Fuego91: MLS app please. I mean ffs Microsoft, Seattle has Xbox 360 written across their kits! Why the fuck don't we have an MLS Live app?


N4G Suggestions: 

Tubers: Motion Capture Animation App.

I hope they do that for HALO so you can teabag people with more spirit.

That's the best Kinect dude-bro implementation really.


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