#003: Storage Wars

This week I wanted to go over the new storage system on the Xbox One. Microsoft has changed everything by splitting things up between 3 tabs. Games, Apps, and Queue. By doing so you will now be able to find all of your games, saves, or apps a lot faster. Instead of scrolling through a long list of random games and apps you will be able to just go to games and select what you would like to play. To get to the save file to a game you would just start by pressing the menu button on your Xbox one controller while hovering over the game of the saved game you are looking for. Now just click Manage game. This option will allow you to see your saved games and the amount of space being taken up on your hard drive. Now the Apps tab does not really allow you to mess around with really any settings. You can still pin Apps and Games to the Main Dashboard. The last menu is Queue which just shows what you are downloading and installing games.

- Dustin

#002: Xbox Live Game Sharing

I know it is not a big concern yet, but let's say you have two Xbox One consoles and would like to keep your games and Live account on both consoles. The number one problem with owning two systems is that you have to pay for everything twice. Even though the DRM reversal forced Microsoft to remove the family sharing feature, you are still able to do a little trick so that you are able to play co-op games with your kids using two separate Xbox One consoles with just one Xbox Game Store purchase. What this all adds up to is being able to have your kids' console down in the family room and your own personal console in your room or wherever you would like to keep it.

The first step in this process is to go to the console that everyone plans on using together.  Login, go to settings, and make this console your "home" console.  You are now done with the hard part.  Since this console is set as your home console, anyone can create a Live account and use all of your Live Gold benefits, including playing all of the games you have purchased.

Now here is the downfall. The second console you own in your bedroom will become an always online console. You must be signed in with the account that purchased the games or you will not be able to launch those games from that console.  Many others and I agree that even though it's always online, the hassle is worth it, since you can now share games in multiple rooms of the house without having to pay more than once.

Now to be clear you would have to buy all of your games online and download the digital copies. What's really nice about this new system, unlike the Xbox 360, is that you do not have to login to your home console to buy the games anymore.  No matter what Xbox One console you are on, or even if you are using Xbox.com, you can go ahead and purchase the game you like, and it will start downloading on your home console.  You will have to go to your secondary console and start the download manually, though.

Well I hope this quick tip helps some parents out there understand the benefits of your new Xbox One.  I'll catch you next week at Xbox Uncut's Quick Tips.

#001: Quickly Signing in with Voice Commands

My Great Capture Screen Shot 2014-02-09 12-12-08.png

Hello everyone!  It's your favorite host of XboxUncut.com, Dustin. That's right. This week I will go over a cool feature that you might not know about for Xbox One. For me, it is not always easy to log in. Sometimes this damn thing just will not see me no matter how far back I stand, and I honestly do not feel like navigating the menus to get to the login screen. Now to give you a little background about myself, I wear glasses.  However, I also wear contacts, so my Xbox One can never get a good read on what I look like. Well, I learned the other day that there is an easy command that does it in one easy step (without having to dive into other menus in order to stay right on the Dash Board). All you have to do is say, "Xbox, sign in as (your name here)."  For example, I would say, "Xbox, sign in as Dustin," and that's it.  It's so easy, you don't have to worry about ever lifting a hand again, or even worry about trying to navagate through the UI with your voice.  Honestly, for weeks I have been yelling out, "Xbox, sign in, profile 2, login."

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. I will be posting new quick tips every Saturday along with the podcast.