#003: Storage Wars

This week I wanted to go over the new storage system on the Xbox One. Microsoft has changed everything by splitting things up between 3 tabs. Games, Apps, and Queue. By doing so you will now be able to find all of your games, saves, or apps a lot faster. Instead of scrolling through a long list of random games and apps you will be able to just go to games and select what you would like to play. To get to the save file to a game you would just start by pressing the menu button on your Xbox one controller while hovering over the game of the saved game you are looking for. Now just click Manage game. This option will allow you to see your saved games and the amount of space being taken up on your hard drive. Now the Apps tab does not really allow you to mess around with really any settings. You can still pin Apps and Games to the Main Dashboard. The last menu is Queue which just shows what you are downloading and installing games.

- Dustin