XVox - Episode 23: The End of a Generation



Dustin, Michael, Vern & Eric.

Show Notes:

* VGX - Telltale (Borderlands, Game of Thrones), Quantum Break, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Joel McHale.

* Titanfall - Ogre and Stryder, and whatever the old titan is called. Beta announced but no date. Kinect not
used in Titanfall.

* Destiny - 9/9/2014 launch with a beta in Summer 2014.

* ID@Xbox - Shipped dev kits to over 50 studios including Crytek, Double Fine, Team 17, Capy (Super Time
Force delayed but on Xbox One in early 2014.

* Demos Section - Fifa 2014, NBA Live 2014, Zoo Tycoon, Kinect Sports Rivals: Preseason, Dead Rising 3.

* Xbox One now at 2,000,000 worldwide and 2:1 attach ratio.

* Dead Rising 3 -  Operation Broken Eagle Christmas Eve, 1 mission, 5 new weapons, one new combo weapon, one
new vehicle, a new outfit, and gamerscore points.

* Forza getting patch next week. Car cost reduction, drag racing, and double the credit gain.  Weather
 "Team Vernia": Xbox software update.  DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR XBOX IF THE SCREEN IS GREEN!

* Battlefield Experience - DON'T BUY... WAIT!!!

* Xbox Live Party Chat experience - Issues with Forza, Killer Instinct etc...

* Now playing...

* Games of the Year...